Handsome Vic SoLo

Some people are born with silver spoons in their mouths…

Handsome Vic SoLo had a platinum guitar pick.  Blues, pop-rock, Country music is the cutting style and sound he has captured and mastered over the last 20 years of playing Clubs, Lounges and Festivals.  Infectious Rock n’ rhythms, full-bodied vocals & sassy solos rip it up every time.

Handsome usually performs as a single artist.  But if you are looking for a "bigger" sound for your next engagement... he also has a pool of professional performers he can draw from to enhance the show.

For bookings and business inquiries -
email:  victor@vicsolo.ca


Have a great day,

 August 29, 2021

Proud to be a Manitoba musician

August 25, 2017

Live your life for the story...

For bookings and business inquiries - email: victor@vicsolo.ca

All Along the Watch Tower

YouTube Video

And You know - special guest Pretty boy James Walzak

The Weight

Captain Kennedy - the Mariner pt 2

Lizzy Get Your Gun - special guest Rob Busch

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The Boatmen's Dance